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Ahmedabad, India

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the work hours like?

    Official business hours are 10 AM to 7:30 PM with a 30-minute lunch break. In the case of a half day, the employee needs to complete 5 hours at work.

  • Erm... holidays and leave policy?

    We work 5 days a week, with all Saturdays and Sundays off at Codezeros. You are entitled to one leave per month with prior notice to management apart from the statutory and festive leaves that are declared by the HR team in the beginning of the calendar year.

  • What about the work environment?

    We have all the basic requirements- a fully functional and equipped kitchen, separate washrooms for men and women, the building has full accessibility for specially abled, tea/coffee as refreshments twice a day and an added zest of all workspaces named after notable aspects of blockchain technology. You will be working with the best blockchain minds that will learn from you and you will learn from.

  • Any pre-requisites before the interview round?

    Just be here on time, with your documents, in professional attire and be confidently yourself.

    Hope to see you as a part of team orange!

  • More doubts?

    No issues. Contact us.

A culture to cultivate

After joining the Codezeros team, you will be expected to not work for us, but with us. The culture we have developed for team orange is highly inclusive and we expect you to follow in due course.

A hustle towards growth

Our vision is and always has been to remain the pioneers of blockchain based services. Our goals are stagnant until we reach them and make higher ones to follow. We expect the same from team orange.

A collaborative collective

We are not a family, but we are a team. All our team members are hired because of a specific skill set that they can contribute with, to the company. Even with individual projects, all employees are working with a shared goal.

An idea-centric approach

People thought it was crazy to have a lot of images clicked and play them in sequential order. There would be no films if they dropped this idea for its wackiness. If your idea is crazy, go nuts at Codezeros.