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Reinventing the barter system for the exchange of digital assets, backed by blockchain.

Developing software that makes crypto investments easy, secure and worth.

Blockchain technology has many uses and functionalities but the most important one is that it can help us with trust. The most important factor is that it will change the way security exchanges happen. It adds the added availability of exchange development for a cryptocurrency with any asset.

Traditional coins like Bitcoin support limited coins for exchange whereas our blockchain engineers will help you create a holistic platform which enables multiple transactions along with the added security.

How do we develop an exchange

We follow the agile methodology to get optimum results for your project

We do not believe in outsourcing projects. After deploying your project to us for development, we will conduct market research for proper analysis and developing an exchange that stays relevant to market trends and later, we involve you in the process by notifying you about the process along with the benefits and risks associated.

Our blockchain experts will now take over the project from the research team and start working on creating a cutting edge exchange development custom to your requirements.

Along with development, our designers will make sure that not only the functionality but also the look and feel follows design principles we have developed for an ideal and user-friendly exchange.

Quality tops the list of priorities we have before delivering any project or launch of a product developed at Codezeros. This step will make sure that we refrain from delivering an erroneous exchange through repeated extensive testing and trial rounds.

Security aspects for developing an exchange

Security comes first with blockchain. Fraud is not feasible anymore.

Dedicated and technically sound team

Our blockchain developers, or architects as we call them are curated from the industry, having complete expertise in their responsibilities. This makes any project wholesome with every member contributing in a unique manner.

Complete grievance redressal

The partner relationship does not end with the deployment of the project. We provide 24/7 support even after the launch to make sure it is a smooth transition for you. Our exchange development services don’t end at delivery.

Multi-level security

Our contingency plans have contingency plans so that there is absolutely no scope of failure. This goes even for the project where the admin and user security are kept at the top of the hierarchy.

We don't like to brag. We will let our clients do that for us.

Testimonials provided by past clients is not only building credibility but is also rewarding.

Joshua T. CEO, UnityChainThe proof of concept that Codezeros developed was well-received. Their expert team inspires confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start. Their responsiveness and ability to turn constructive feedback into implementable, on-time deliverables are hallmarks of their work.
Mitesh S. CEO, Omnia MarketsCodezeros produced an attractive visual design that boosted brand awareness and clearly showed organizational values. The team was highly creative and communicated regularly throughout the engagement.
Harit S. Head of Customer Support, Cryptex LiveThe new brand identity generated growth across several verticals. Responsive and accommodating, Codezeros grasped the vision quickly and delivered quality results. The team met expectations by being timely and executing quick fixes.
George S. Founder and VP, Authentic HeroesCodezeros came right to the answers to our problems on how we are going to develop a blockchain so that we could prove a providence of each piece of clothing that we create.

The projects that the clients are talking about.

Incoins — A wallet designed to switch between various exchanges frequently

Exchanges developed at Codezeros does not eliminate the need for a mediator but replaces it with utmost productivity.

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