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Reportage that states problems and gives solutions. The simplest problem-solving technology.

Our whitepaper services are strategic essays that reflect.

Whitepapers are not merely written, they are to be built, to be designed, to be constructed to prove its functionality. This is why we don’t have just writers that work on your blockchain whitepaper, we have whitepaper architects, a team of people who make it a serious affair to construct a whitepaper that will act as a tool that drives success.

The team of whitepaper writing service providers of researchers, sales executives, content strategists, copywriters, designers, and visual artists create a perfect blend of expertise that will produce a wholesome blockchain whitepaper.

Here is an actual whitepaper we created for one of our clients

Let’s look at the most common mistakes people make.

Whitepapers are for problem-solving, not self-promotion. Most writers, write whitepapers like company portfolios and end up with long copy adverts that do not solve any problem. Our approach is ‘design to solve.’

They must be technical, not jargonized. White papers are technical by nature. But if the language used has a lot of jargons, it will cease to fulfill its problem-solving functionality. We simplify them.

Whitepapers are white papers, but they are so much more. In conversational language and in general reference they are whitepapers, but in functionality, they are reports that conclude with solutions. We prefer that for a professional tone.

There is no industry-standard but a generally accepted length. We do not have an industry standard format of an ideal whitepaper and that is what makes it unique. A 1000-word paper is an essay. A 7000-word document is a novella. We aim between 2000 to 4000 words based on the project.

A whitepaper is not separate from the brand. Most whitepaper services create them with pre-existing templates. Our approach is to maintain the brand identity of the whitepaper that it is associated to- so that it becomes a touchpoint for the company.

Always cite your claims. In order to make an impact, sometimes we tend to throw in statements that might be slightly exaggerated. We always check for claims and make sure they are backed up with proof.

Write for the reader but allow extensibility. A whitepaper ideally should be constructed with a conversational tone and a personalized approach of the potential reader, but It should be made extensible for any other reader in the future.

Do not overcomplicate. The design, the language, the format, the call to action- Our approach is clear, concise and correct at the core. SEO integration is done in limits.

How we do it

The process of the brains behind your whitepaper

After you fill this form, you come in contact with a sales executive who gathers requirements and required details from you. These details are further communicated to the content strategist.


The content strategist, along with the copywriter(s), the designer and visual artist will prepare a whitepaper brief which will be sent for approval to you.


Based on your final input and reviews, the content strategist will create a structure for the whitepaper.


This structure and design brief will help the team of the designer, visual artist, content strategist and the copywriter(s) to draft the final whitepaper which will be delivered to you in the given timeframe.

Instances from our portfolio

Minebee — A platform for miners supplying real-time network analysis

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