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Work — Omnia MarketsData analytics platform utilizing the power of blockchain

We built a data analytics platform on blockchain technology allowing the client to record and store data in a safe, secure, and transparent setting to ensure that the users get the most recent and reliable information.

On blockchain

We used a combination of analytical formulas (traditional financial formulas and new formulas we have developed that relate directly to the cryptocurrency industry), source access, applicable algorithms, and human input in order to provide actionable information and data.

This platform is the first comprehensive database of cryptocurrency companies, coins, and exchanges. It is unique in that it provides true transparency of the industry, only including exchanges that have been properly regulated. In addition, it stands out from other cryptocurrency websites because it does not only provide data and analytics, but also industry-related media such as news articles and podcasts.

Codezeros produced an attractive visual design that boosted brand awareness and clearly showed organizational values. The team was highly creative and communicated regularly throughout the engagement.— Mitesh S., CEO, Omnia Markets