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Work — A blockchain based service marketplacereBaked is a service marketplace where users can connect with other individuals and communities to collaborate on projects.

Codezeros was involved in the scope documentation, design, and development of the frontend, backend and the smart contracts of the project.

This project gives the chances to users and communities to build digital goods with the help of other users and communities.

Connect, Work, Earn

Users can select projects which fit their work profile and request to collaborate on the same. They will be able to earn from working and building this project.

Guaranteed secured payments

With the help of smart contracts, the users working on any project will be guaranteed payments for their work. The smart contracts will automatically manage the release of payments thus making it safe, secure, and tamperproof.

Tech stack used
Providing collaboration opportunities for communities

This portal gives everyone on the web the opportunity to collaborate with like minded individuals and communities to create their solution. A marketplace for collaboration.