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Work — RewattRenewable energy sector revolutionized by an asset‑based token

With Rewatt, we created an asset-based token which has a weekly dividend system for its token-holders in the 100% renewable energy sector.


For this project, our provision included a wide range of services extending from conceptualization, branding, and marketing of the ICO apart from the Smart contract and Ethereum ERC-20 registration.

Solar circuit fulfills the abundant market need by providing solar energy solutions through medium and large scale private distributed solar rooftop projects. Mining circuit optimizes cryptocurrency mining process through strategic geographic positioning and monetization of excess electricity in negative carbon countries, it accelerates ROI of the entire ICO by 8 times while simultaneously benefiting the environment.

Devising a compelling identity for an ICO that works for people, planet, and profit. Its business is mainly divided into two circuits; one is the solar circuit and the second is the mining circuit. The branding for this utility token was done by our partner company Slangbusters Branding Studio.

Tech stack used